Standard pricing listed below; inquire about additional pricing options and multi-month discounts.

Gym programming – $300+/month (depending on # of days per week, # of performance levels/scaling options, etc)

Hourly group coaching – $35/hour

One-on-one training – $75+/hour (depending on location)

“But I can get free programming just about anywhere on the internet.”

Why yes, you can. You can even get a free version of my gen pop programming here.

However, can you ask that coach WHY something is programmed or HOW to do it? Can you text or email that person to ask for a sub to work around an injury? Are they available to teach you the scaling and modifications for movements that you are still in the process of learning? Lastly, one of the biggest questions…ARE THEY HELPING YOU GET BETTER AS AN ATHLETE? Programming alone is incomplete; no matter how experienced the athlete, everyone needs an experienced eye guiding them towards better movement patterns. These things are only part of my job as a coach. I also assist with nutrition, whether you are trying to improve performance, tweak body composition, or gain mass. The final piece is ensuring you are where you need to be mentally. Proper support of your psychological game is necessary if you want to succeed in this sport; it is about much more than simple physical exertion. This is the big picture of what is included when you sign up for my coaching services.

While generalized programming isn’t perfect, it’s what most athletes follow; it’s easy to find and you can compare your results with others. I try to bridge the gap by providing as much information as possible, including various scaling and modification options, as well as guidance on what you should be trying to accomplish on any given day. Should you be going heavy? Light? What is the goal? I make sure to let you know so you are better prepared on how to approach the workout.

There are no refunds for remote coaching fees. Should you wish to cancel your draft, simply email your request to Please allow 10 business days for the cancellation to go into effect. Multi-month agreements are not subject to cancellation prior to the end date stated during sign-up.