Why remote coaching?

You can be better. FACT.

Maybe you have recently begun a training program, or perhaps you are a seasoned CrossFitter who has been to the Games…it doesn’t matter – you can ALWAYS get better. You need to get stronger, improve technique, learn new skills, and strengthen your mental game. We all need to improve the way we connect with our body and move it through space. How can we expect to handle external load if we cannot control our own body?

That is where remote coaching comes in.

It helps to have someone show you the way; everyone has different ambitions, different strengths, and different weaknesses – these need to be addressed on an individualized basis. In addition, I can watch how you move, and I can teach you how to move better. Think you’re doing a particular exercise right? Maybe; but more likely, there are cues you haven’t been given and mechanics that haven’t been explained, resulting in a less-than-ideal movement.

What about programming?

You are probably following some kind of program now. Even following the most amazing program ever created will not benefit you much if you are doing it wrong. If you don’t understand it, if you don’t follow it correctly, and if you do not perform the movements as they are meant to be performed, you cannot achieve your potential. Are you interested in adapting existing programming to better meet your needs? Do you want a program designed just for you? I can certainly help you with either of those things. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss programming options.

How does remote coaching work?

We start by figuring out some short and long term goals; we discuss programming, and plan out the best way for you to achieve those goals.

Record examples of your lifts and other requested movements during your workout. You then submit an email summary of your work for the day listing the workout, your results (and video links) as well as any comments you would like to share. I review your videos and provide feedback. This can be done by taking stills and adding commentary, which is then returned to you, or describing in detail what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Occasionally, additional drills are prescribed or articles provided as reference to help assist your progress.

Additional benefits are included with the remote coaching program. Please see the pricing page or contact me directly for more information.