A Treatise on Coaching Style

“Those are just a few helpful tips. If you disagree with them, that’s fine. Go right ahead and keep trying to inspire your athletes by telling them they remind you of a bucket of pig vomit. I’m sure they’ll reach great heights. Or maybe they’ll stab you with an ice pick. Either one of those would be pretty cool.”

My favorite quote from the recent article on Catalyst Athletics, “Motivation, Inspiration, And Stabbing,” by Matt Foreman


I have been around long enough to see (and experience) a variety of coaching styles. The only thing more useless and annoying than the coach who puts their athletes on a pedestal and flatters them constantly is the one who has nothing constructive to say and tries to inspire with insults and disparaging comments. Athletes are people, not gods to be worshipped or peons to be abused. The best coach is one who understands that there is an art to the balance of professionalism, camaraderie, instruction, and tough love, and strives to evolve themselves as well as their athletes.

– Coach DeMarco