Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Today, we are again focusing on moving well and preparing ourselves for this Friday, which will be the first workout of the 2017 Open. This is an opportunity to improve your movement patterns and become a stronger and more balanced athlete, so make sure to take your time and move with purpose.

Superset for a total of 4 working sets:

1) Heavy Russian KB Swings, 10 reps (these should be AHAP – challenge yourself!)
2) Handstand Push-ups, 1/3 strict + 2/3 kipping (for example, perform 5 strict HSPU followed by 10 kipping HSPU)

KBS scaling –
• If an athlete is not proficient with the kettlebell swing, perform single-KB deadlifts, focusing on proper hip hinging.

HSPU scaling options, from more difficult to less –
[All HSPU should be performed with head and hands to ground or head to ONE AbMat and hands on 35lb plates. DO NOT STACK MULTIPLE ABMATS]
• 1/3 HSPU negatives + 2/3 kipping HSPU
• 1/3 wall walks + 2/3 dumbbell shoulder press
• 10 dumbbell shoulder press, AHAP

From CrossFit.com – February 23, 2015

4 rounds for time of:
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 95/65
10 Push Presses, 95/65
20 Back Squats, 95/65

As written.


65/45 or further as needed.

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