Tuesday, February 7, 2017


This is an opportunity to practice your technique with moderate to moderately heavy singles of a full squat clean. Weights should be heavy enough to be challenging, but do not work up to a point of failure; keep efforts below 85% of 1RM.

Ascending singles (no greater than 85% of 1RM)


From CrossFit.com – January 31, 2017

Five 3-minute rounds of:
10 Front Squats, 185/125
10 box jumps, 36″/30″
Row for max calories

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

• No racks; barbell must be taken from the floor.
• You must reset the rower each time for an accurate calorie count.

As written.

165/115 or 155/105
Box jumps@30″/26″

135/95, 115/75, 95/65, or further as needed
Height on box jump scaled as needed (jumping to a low height is preferred over stepping up to a higher box)

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