Saturday, February 4, 2017


Use the first half of class to practice drills to improve your technique on the Clean and Jerk, then slowly work up to the weight you will be using in the conditioning piece. C&J may be push/power jerk or split jerk. The clean may be power; a squat clean is optional and not required.

From – December 26, 2016

For time:
15 Lateral Bar Burpees
5 Clean & Jerks, 225/155
12 Lateral Bar Burpees
4 Clean & Jerks, 225/155
9 Lateral Bar Burpees
3 Clean & Jerks, 225/155

This is supposed to be HEAVY. This should be treated as a strength workout, so slow down and choose to get stronger instead of choosing to “go light.”

If you have a recent and accurate C&J 1RM, and are technically proficient, the working weight should be >80% of that 1RM.

If you do not have a recent C&J 1RM, or if your estimated 1RM is bodyweight or less, try to choose a weight that is VERY CHALLENGING, but can be completed with enough rest between reps. Remember, your time doesn’t matter as much as your effort in getting stronger.

As written.

205/140 or 185/125


12 Min AMRAP
5 Lateral Bar Burpees (step overs OK)
1 C&J, 135/95 (or further scaled as needed: 115/75, 95/65, etc.)

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