Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rest Day


From – March 2, 2001

*This is the actual post and accompanying explanation from back in 2001.*


We are ready for a break from the neurological and orthopedic stresses of
weightlifting and hard and heavy leg work.

Here is an interval that the NSCA identifies as being smack dab in the middle
of the lactic acid metabolic pathway. Remember one of the advantages of
interval training is that we get extended exposure to cardiovascular work
without the muscle wasting consistent with extended aerobic work.

On the Concept II Rower set up for intervals and go all out for 60 seconds
Row easy for two minutes.
Repeat for a total of fifteen efforts.

This is a total of forty-five minutes, yet the work is designed to enhance anaerobic capacity. Now here’s the really cool part: even though this work is predominantly anaerobic (lactic acid pathway), it carries a heavy aerobic benefit without the disadvantages of reducing speed, power, and strength known to accompany aerobic training.

On setup scroll the display to show meters in the lower window. On your first
effort throw as many meters up in the minute as you can. On the subsequent
fifteen efforts fight for as much of the first distance as you can.

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